We are one of USA’s leading distributors and producers of steel products and fully integrated steel srevice.

Source / Discovery

Considering the global competitive quantities of mining sites and industrial raw material basins, R&D and etude are made with current parameters, and they are made ready for operation or marketing by defining reserves, quantity, chemical properties and the market at the operable level until the final product stage.

Operational Capacity

We have a very operational capacity with sufficient technical knowledge, team and equipment in all mining operations. Our corporate archive and technical inventory are at a sufficient level from the natural form of the ore or raw material to the stage of obtaining sufficient chemical and physical properties.


The new world’s understanding of power and change determines the economic route of raw materials and reserves. Apart from the current raw material need of silicone life, we act by understanding the value of raw materials in the market, which vital necessities can never keep out of need items. This understanding determines the market strategy of both our employee reserves and mine sites.

Our Mission

The world is faster… smarter…
The modern world commands us to read itself faster. Human cultural evolution and rapid change with advanced technology… We are aware of the new limits of mining, other than the technical experience of local sciences. With technology, we are shaping a search / analysis mind that develops every day, every chemical reality can re-appreciate and has no definite limits. Our main goal is to re-evaluate all mining data in our country and to provide a need to meet the developing industry current. NAMA METAL GROUP establishment strategy for mining mind is to move side by side with the world for the rapid development of our country.

Our Vision

By taking advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience, we aim to increase the mineral deposits in our country to higher values by making technical and industrial analyzes, to reveal the most qualified works in this sector and to reach an exemplary position in this field.


The company conducts underground resources based on resource and exploration based on the need for industrial raw materials in the world based on a global need priority. It determines the technical dimension and value of the underground wealth from an industrial point of view. It licenses these fields, makes production or markets the reserves to the raw material market. Namely, nama metal is a company that both operates and conducts resources.

Metals / Polymetals

The world’s technological capacity, diversity, and predictable metal needs that emerge depending on the population move towards a form above traditional search and operation methods. Although our country is defined as a wide spread and rich in metal, this makes it imperative to consider this possible wealth outside of habits. We have a team with field and business experience in metals.

Industrial Raw Materials

The current field knowledge of industrial raw materials as basic or side chemical elements in countless titles of the industry is behind the world. This is due to the fact that our industry branches are behind world-class diversity. We think that mining in the country, where metals are dominant, will have extensive demands in this field in the near future. Nama metal continues its activities in this field within the framework of its basic strategies.


In addition to those in our country, studies are carried out in certain locations to find precious stones that are likely to be discovered. The works that are in the R&D stage are still continuing.

Natural Stones

Turkey has an important part of the world natural stone reserves. Many marble and natural stone fields with an international market are available in the company inventory, and our engineers are working on their reserves and markets. Many ready-to-operate reserves are included in the company.

Rare Earth Elements

We produce strategies on possible needs and reserves for rare earth elements, one of the specific needs of the developing world.

We are aware of the change and development in our world.